Influential Connections
PR builds belief and trust in organisations which is often done through the engagement with influencers.
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We help companies connect and gain the attention of individuals who can endorse a client’s brand.

And become advocates for their organisation through our wealth of media and influencer connections.

We have seen a huge rise in influencer marketing in last few years and it has certainly grabbed the attention of many brands. But there are some golden rules when it comes to successfully integrating influencer relations into a PR campaign. The key to all successful influencer campaigns is building a strong relationship. Influencers can smell disingenuous, short-term engagements a mile off and will instantly be less inclined to work with them. We work with a large network of influencers and have developed individual relationships over a number of years. From Government ministers, industry bodies, policy makers to analysts opinion formers, social media influencers and consumer organisations. All have the same thing in common, the ability to disproportionately influence audiences.

How do we engage with influencers? The relationship has to be based on a matching of goals and agendas. An influencer is only going to be interested in working with a brand if there is some value in it for them. Our role is to find and demonstrate the value and map out the engagement accordingly. We are always realistic with both influencers and clients when looking at whether there is a genuine opportunity to work together. In our experience, influencer programmes are highly successful when the relationship is professionally managed in the context of a campaign.

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