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Posted on 02 Apr 2020 by Firework PR

If, like us, you are one of the many hundreds of thousands of people who are adjusting to life working from home, or perhaps finding yourself with more time on your hands now that your daily commute consists of a round trip to the dining table, or you need to switch off from the kids for a few minutes, then finding something to listen to that can replace the office banter might be just the tonic.

We’re not talking about radio stations here, but the rise of the podcast. Around nine million Brits now listen to podcasts every week and we are no exception. But where do you begin with so much variety on offer? Here, we’ve done a quick round up of some of the popular casts gaining attention – here are our top picks to help shorten your selection process.

Real life


Writer and humourist, Jonathan Goldstein, hosts this podcast which aims to help guests confront unresolved conflicts, with a focus on taking them back to a time when things in their lives changed in the hope of finding a resolution to their problem.

Now in its fifth season, it has proved a hit with global audiences.



As tech enthusiasts, we love this fortnightly podcast which delves into the technology industry to find the biggest game changers. Hosts Ben Thompson and James Allworth analyse how tech is impacting on society from a business and strategic perspective.

An excellent listen for business owners and leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tech.


Eat Sleep Work Repeat

This Apple number one business podcast focuses on happiness and work culture. Broadcast every Monday, it features host Bruce Daisley and a series of interviewees, from psychologists and neuroscientists to work place experts, who offer their advice on improving our jobs.

Recent topics have included gender inequality and inside Microsoft’s cultural reinvention.

Built Environment

99% Invisible

If, like us, you share a keen interest in the built environment, then you’ll love this podcast. The aims of 99% Invisible are to showcase the thought that goes into the design and architecture of things we don’t even think about. It highlights the unnoticed architecture that shapes the world we live in and shares the untold stories that form their history.

Boasting over 400 million downloads, it is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.


The Tip Off

Working in PR, this is a really interesting podcast for us as it takes listeners behind the scenes of some of the best examples of investigative journalism over the past few years. Journalists share their insights, from the leads and dead-ends to the tip offs that secured their scoop.

Broadcast on Thursdays, and hosted by investigative journalist Maeve McClenaghan, The Tip Off is a dramatic take on the detective work that’s required for strong investigative journalism.

Women in work

Ctrl, Alt, Delete

This WEBBY-nominated podcast belongs to Emma Gannon, a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker and novelist. Ctrl, Alt, Delete provides an insight into those people who have used their interests to shape the work they now do. Focusing on high-profile women, including cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, it won Best Business Podcast at the Vuelio Awards in 2019 and boasts almost six million downloads.

While the UK continues to adapt to this new way of working and living, as optimists, we are focused on seeing the positives of this situation. And having more time to do the things you’ve wanted to do for a while, especially in the business world, is something we should grasp hold of and cherish. For us, taking time out to listen to a good podcast is one of those benefits and an activity we’ll most certainly be capitalising upon in the weeks and months to come.

We hope you enjoy listening to some of our recommendations.

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