We create purposeful content written for diverse audience channels from media to customers, stakeholders to employees.
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The Firework Way

We believe in helping clients tell their company’s story through exciting and engaging content to help them stand out. We create content for influencers, publications, media and bloggers that will reach prospects and create business opportunities.

At Firework, content is our currency. We love nothing more than creating content that drives home your message. Our team here is hugely varied and experienced. Within our diverse team we have journalists past and present and consultants that have worked in the industry for many years developing content for a wide variety of audiences. There is nothing we can’t tackle. From blogs to book chapters, keynote speeches to social media posts, film scripting to infographics, research reports to opinion articles, press releases to web content. Our mission is always to create content that stands out, is thought provoking, authentic and robust.

Does your content hit the mark? Does it stand up to scrutiny? Could you use some creative input and help with new angles? Get in touch - we can help rejuvenate your PR and marketing content and deliver some inspiration to your current comms.

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