Crisis Management
We provide clients will a full crisis management plan and strategy to ensure they are fully prepared to respond, should the worst happen.
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The Firework Way

We work with our clients to ensure they have a well versed crisis plan that meets any number of eventualities ensuring all senior spokespeople are prepared and rehearsed should they face a unforeseen crisis situation.

When a crisis hits an organisation, it can have huge reputational consequences. For those organisations that don’t have a crisis PR plan – it can be quite simply catastrophic. Brand sentiment can be obliterated in a matter of hours by an organisation’s inability to respond in the right way. Crises can happen at any time, for any organisation and at a rate that can be both be unmanageable and overwhelming. Combine that with today’s 24/7 media environment when iPhones turn everyone into a reporter, the distribution of bad news is both global and instantaneous. Your organisation, like any other needs to be prepared for the worst. We have handled company crises of all different types and what makes them manageable and successful is a clearly articulated crisis plan. There is a window of response when crisis hits and it’s critical that an organisation can marshal its resources and spokespeople to respond in an effective and timely manner.

Don’t leave crisis management to chance. Your brand is too valuable. We can help you formulate the right plan for your organisation and ensure it is embedded across all departments so everyone understands their role and what to do, should the worst happen.

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