Messaging and Story Development
We work with organisations to find their brand essence which we then develop it into its own unique story.
Messaging And Content Development Firework

The Firework Way

Firework starts by helping organisations to understand their brand; its characteristics, message, current market and competitive position. We run exploration sessions to develop and hone the brand proposition and message framework.

Every organisation’s brand is different and unique to them. It is made up of not just the products or services the organisation delivers but its people, its partnerships and the way it behaves and interacts with its customers, stakeholders, partners and supporters. To truly extract the essence of this brand sentiment, we have created a unique approach to message development. Our messaging workshops take clients on a journey to get to the heart of their brand and put it through the ultimate stress test!

Whether you are at the start of your PR journey or you feel like your brand communications need a refresh, we can help you to reframe your message and create a consistent story that delivers authenticity and resonance to your brand.

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