Press Office
We create proactive and reactive press office functions for clients ensuring they are building media relationships that deliver long term value.
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The Firework Way

We run the day-to-day press office function for many of our clients ensuring a swift response to all reactive media enquiries and also create opportunities to comment on issues in the media agenda that relate to a client’s business or market. This helps a client’s brand stay prominent and establishes and strengthens journalist relationships.

Media relations is a skilled and time intensive process and for many organisations, they don’t have the skills or bandwidth to handle internally. That’s why we create remote press offices for many organisations. By creating clear communications channels, we ensure that you never miss a media opportunity and journalists are professionally and efficiently dealt with. We can deliver reactive statements, provide comment, fulfil interview, photography and information requests, arrange interviews as well as briefing your spokespeople and proactively target opportunities for your organisation.

Without media representation, you may be missing out on comment opportunities. We can connect you to journalists who are writing and broadcasting about the issues that matter to you and your organisation. We can create comment, prep your spokespeople for interview and ensure that your organisation gets the opportunity have a voice on important issues.

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