We understand how to create meaningful social engagement through effective social listening and social content.
Social Firework

The Firework Way

There is a strong belief that social media is public relations, full stop. It’s fair to say that the rise of social media in the last decade alone has created agencies that specialise in social campaigns. And some of them are excellent at it! Social or digital campaigns are certainly hugely influential and an important communications channel. But they are just that, a channel. And for a campaign to be successful social should be seen as one element. At Firework, we work to understand your audience and how social influences them. We have developed some campaigns from social alone and seen the influence a regular social presence can have on your customers and prospects. But we are also skilled at integrating social media into a wider PR campaign that can support and amplify the different elements such as media, content and influencers.

Do your social channels need turning up? Do you need to boost your followers and engage more in the social conversation? We can audit your social media and look at how it’s integrating with the rest of your brand communications. We can then create a social campaign that can start boosting your likes, followers and retweets and perhaps even get you trending.

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