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Jim Morrison once said, whoever controls the media controls the mind.
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There is no denying the power of the media.

It has the ability to shape the political, economic and social values of every individual on the planet. Combine that with the explosion of social media, the result is we consume more ‘news’ and content than ever before - according to research company Zenith, individuals now spend 456 minutes per day consuming news.

So how can brands capitalise on that? If anything, the proliferation of the media over the past few years has forced PR media relations to become much more sophisticated. Brands can no longer be complacent about their content and the targeting of journalists. Campaigns need to stand out. Period. Stories need to be robust, based on truth and evidence. Content needs to be opinionated, contentious, edgy and entertaining. It needs to inform, not just report. Traditional media is also shrinking and in some areas the journalist population shrinking. PR now has to be able to grab a journalist’s attention faster than ever before.

Put simply, we get journalists.

Firework has spent many years cultivating journalist relationships. Some of our relationships span over 20 years, others 20 minutes. But one thing they are all based on is our drive to deliver a journalist the story they are after. We work hard to get the right quote, the right facts, access to the right customer, partner, even the right photography. Journalists trust us to deliver the information or interview they need within their deadline. Conversely, we are skilled at tailoring and pitching content for a particular journalist, in a particular sector – helping a client’s story fall ‘onto the page’.

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