A combined vision
People choose us to reignite or discover their brand DNA.
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A combined vision

People choose us to reignite or discover their brand DNA. We work with organisations to discover the very essence of their identity. We help them define authentic brand positioning to shape their story. We do this by getting to the heart of their organisations and building loyal partnerships based on belief and understanding. This results in campaigns that are based on the truth and create impact.

PR is the most strategic weapon in any organisation’s marketing armoury. It can build your brand, open up new markets, attract new employees, build belief and confidence in your teams, increase your reach and ultimately create pride and passion within an organisation.

We work with organisations which support that belief and we have demonstrated measurable brand awareness through bold PR campaigns that cut through and deliver results…. and sometimes awards!

At Firework we believe every brand deserves to have their story told creatively, sincerely and with passion. We get under the skin of a client’s organisation to discover what makes it tick. We do that by working at an organisation’s highest level, developing relationships that are based on honest and brave conversations about a brand’s ambition. We communicate with every level of individual within the company to understand a brand and create stories that reflect the personality and determination of the organisation.

From there we create campaigns that are brave and tenacious as well as being creative and full of passion. We push our clients to be bold, to have conviction and ultimately to be heard! Over the years we’ve earnt the respect of many brands and have become their trusted partner. This means we act as their spokesperson, are given access to their customers and partners and the responsibility to train teams, boards and represent brands at the highest level. We want to continue to work with organisations that have a desire to build their brand and create exciting campaigns and push the boundaries of communications to demonstrate its influence and value for an organisation.

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