Managing Reputational Milestones

Posted on 12 Dec 2019 by Firework PR

This summer saw a business milestone for our client, Advanced, when the team secured an investment deal of £2bn, the largest in the software industry this last decade, to accelerate its business’s growth plans. This was a significant moment for the company which was the culmination of its major transformation over the last four years, led by its CEO, Gordon Wilson.


This investment deal was a milestone moment for our PR too. Coverage was secured across the board from investment and business media, gaining substantial attention . But arguably, it was a stand-out news story, with the facts and figures journalists always look for. So those in the know would expect such news would gain this kind of coverage.

So, despite the flagship coverage achieved this summer, it was actually this month’s piece in the Daily Telegraph - where Gordon Wilson starred as one of the 50 most ambitious business leaders in the UK – which represents an incredible PR milestone for the team at Firework.

But milestones in PR don’t just happen. And they sadly don’t happen every day. By their very nature, they take a lot of thought, hard work and ultimately strong partnerships to deliver. Advanced’s story follows that description to the letter. As a company, it has undergone a transformation in the last four years. A reimagining of its organisation from top to bottom. And with that its marketing and communications has also been transformed. It has included a major rebrand of the software company which has been brought alive in its new website and a step change with its PR handing over the day-to-day PR operation to Firework. We have worked hand-in-hand with the CMO and her team to reshape the company’s brand PR proposition and brought about a concerted change in focus towards managing the company’s corporate reputation and an integral part of this is profiling its leaders. And this is the bit that takes time, focus and dedication. We have worked closely with the team at Advanced - both in marketing and directly with the senior leaders - to uncover, tease out and craft their stories with them – you can read some of it here. As leaders focused on their customers and their business, it’s fair to say this doesn’t always come easily. But together we are now able to tell their business journey success story. And the fact that it is being recognised by the industry and capturing the attention of the media is very rewarding.

PR may be well reported as one of the most stressful jobs around but for us, it’s the critical nature of managing our client’s reputation that we take most seriously. And seeing the coverage online and in print never fails to fuel our passion and keep us motivated. Behind the scenes, we know it’s the intricate planning, story-development, forensic proofing of content, scrutiny of the evidence and detailed briefing sessions to ensure a robust story that is delivered.

We’re taking a well-earned moment to enjoy this milestone. If you want help to tell your story, build – or rebuild – your reputation and help grow your company, we invite you to get in touch. We’ll certainly help to ensure it’s a success.

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